Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Blog for Survivors (and anyone else).

What exactly is a survivor? A survivor is someone who has survived something horrible. It is possible that what causes one-person pain is not that big deal to you; however, pain is pain in whatever form it takes. If one decides to kill himself because his nose is too big (at least to him), it does not mean that the pain he suffered was not real. So, if you’re a survivor of sexual abuse, child abuse, having an abusive or  alcoholic parent, mental abuse, or physical abuse this is the blog for you; however, and there is always a however, one may have survived a horrible marriage or had a terrible job. A terrible job can hurt your soul, and a terrible marriage can destroy it.  I could go on and on and describe horrendous predicaments that one is forced to survive during a lifetime, but even survivors need a little help once in awhile.
This blog will be a safe place, a warm, maybe not always clean,  well-lighted place, to relate to other survivors, and this blog will be a place to go for a laugh or two (maybe I will get some unintentional laughs). Oh, and this blog will cover many different topics, so one should never become bored with it. In closing, I will blog at you soon

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