Thursday, May 31, 2012

Well, I survived the first posting of my new blog, and I embarrassed myself at the same time. Somehow, I managed to post the same entry twice. That is something that I am only capable of doing. I had so many pages open, and so many copies of my first post open, that I must have hit the post button twice.  Oh well, surviving embarrassment is nothing new to me. I know for a fact, that some people live in mortal fear of embarrassment. I have decided to share some of my most embarrassing moments, so that you can see that there is no fool, like this fool.

The first day I was supposed to start going to a new Junior High School, I walked up to the bus stop with a confident smile. Suddenly, all of the girls at the bus stop started saying that he is so cute, and I felt like a Rock God. That is until I looked down and found a puppy walking between my feet. Funny, girls never reacted quit the same way to me again.

Also in Junior high school, I won the lead part in a play. The play went well until one my big scenes. I was supposed to utter my lines and make a dramatic exit. I turned to make my dramatic exit, stage right, when a hanging mike hit me right between the eyes. Well, at least I got a standing ovation.

I have always had no sense of fashion. I went to a debate tournament, in the 80’s ,wearing a leisure suit and a silk shirt (the silk shirt had boats on it). Why my parents or brother did not warn me that wearing thatt awful outfit to a tournament was a bad idea… is still a mystery to me.

I had my boss over for Thanksgiving and my pants fell down while I was carving the turkey. I was not so thankful on that particular holiday

In closing, everyone is afraid most of the time. Furthermore, most people are afraid of being embarrassed. The point is that we can survive being embarrassed. Embarrassment will not kill you…unless you let it.


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