Monday, June 4, 2012

A Tom Sawyer Moment With a Devil Worshipper

I once had a Tom Sawyer moment with a devil worshipper. I was painting in the lobby of my office when a kid everyone called devil-worshipping boy asked if he could paint too. This kid would wear upside down crosses, black face paint, and pentagrams and go hangout at the mall. I handed him a paintbrush, and I watched him paint for a while. He was a very good painter, so I decided I could d go to the back office and work on some other projects.  After awhile, my assistant came in and said that devil boy is painting the front office. I told him and everyone else that devil boy was doing a great job, and he did do a great job. After all, devil-worshipping boy was a boy, and most boys like to paint.

I have worked with kids for a large part of my life, and there are some great kids out there. There are also some kids, who could be remarkable kids, but they never really had a chance. So many kids or teens are out there waving flags and shooting up flairs for help.  What do I mean by shooting up flares and waving flags? Wearing a black trench coat is waving a SOS flag and owning occult paraphernalia is like shooting up flairs.  Furthermore, when they cut themselves they are screaming for help in blood. Unfortunately, a lot of us walk by these calls for help and do nothing.

I realize that there is very little you can do to help a person you meet in passing, but there are some people out there who can do something and refuse to do anything. When I was a teenager, I was depressed and suicidal. I can remember going to class and having tears stream down my face, and the teacher would not ask a single question. I was seated in the front row of the classroom, so my friends did not notice my silent tears. If you are a teacher and you see that there is a problem with a child or you witness bullying (I have witnessed teachers do nothing about bullying), one must act. You have chosen a profession that does not allow you to bury your head in the sand.

 I would also like to make a point about kids/teenagers and their friends. We all hear of children having to grow up too fast at home because their mother or father has died, or they just simply come from a bad home. Well, sometimes kids from good homes have to grow up fast because they have to become their friend’s family or support system. Therefore, even if your kid is well adjusted, one should take the time to listen to them.

In closing, if you are a survivor, like a teacher, you are obligated to help those in need. Why do you have an obligation to help them? You have a responsibility because you are now a teacher, and you can teach those who are going through what you went through the art of survival. Even if you do not believe that they can learn from your particular experience, you can point them in the right direction.

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